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Lead project developer @FacileIt_Engr, @phpfig secretary, @MilanoPHP coordinator, computer science passionate, retired netgaming nerd

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New bylaw approved and next election cycle

So here we are, just before the festivities, with a few bits of good news! A new bylaw: PSR evolution In the previous blog post, we were discussing how to push forward the PSR interfaces, to keep up with all the new features that PHP is giving us, version after version. I proposed a new bylaw which went through a long ...
December 20th 2019

New blog, PSR-12 approval and Upgrading PSRs

After a long hiatus, we're back with a new round of updates from the PHP-FIG. New Blog As you may have noticed, we're now on a different platform. We've chosen to migrate away from the previous proprietary platform and to host directly our posts inside our site, directly under our control. We will add links at the top ...
September 30th 2019

Updates from the PHP-FIG: up until the May elections

And we’re back with another update on what’s going on in the PHP-FIG! This time we have just two news, but big ones! PSR-14 has been approved Since the last update, we’ve seen the approval of PSR-14, the Event Dispatcher standard. This new PSR allows packages to rely on a generic interface to dispatch events, without h...

Updates from the PHP-FIG: November, December & January

This time I waited a bit longer before drafting a new update post, because a few new things where moving under the hood… Now it’s time to wrap it up! Brace yourselves, elections are coming! If you take a look at out personnel page, you’ll see that we have 4 Core Committee Members and a Secretary whose terms are ending ...
February 14th 2019

Updates from PHP-FIG: September & October

Another two months are passed, and here we are with a new recap of what happened inside the PHP-FIG. Let’s dive in! PSR-18: HTTP client At the last moment of October, a new PSR has been accepted! This time it’s PSR-18, which is about HTTP clients! With this PSR we have now a common interface for classes that send HTTP ...
November 6th 2018

Summer updates from PHP-FIG: June, July & August

This time we have waited a bit longer before publishing a recap of the recent news from PHP-FIG, but we have a lot to share; let’s start! The new official page for PSR-17 PSR-17: message factories During this three months period, PSR-17 went from draft to approved! This new standard recommendation is related to the HT...
September 5th 2018

Updates from PHP-FIG: April and May

Here we are again, with another bi-monthly update about the state of the affairs here at PHP-FIG. In the last two months, two PHP-FIG meetups where held, during the PHPDay (Verona, Italy) and PHP[tek] (Atlanta, US) conferences. PHP-FIG stickers, shared at the PHPDay front desk Vacant seat as secretary Unfortun...
June 6th 2018

Updates from PHP-FIG: February and March

Continuing in our habit of frequent posts to update the community, here we are to see what happened inside the PHP-FIG in the last two months. PSR-5: PHPDoc take two As we said in the last update, we are in the process of recovering PSR-5, the proposed standard for PHPDoc. Chuck Burgess is willing to act as the editor...
April 3rd 2018