Hello world: The PHP-FIG blog

computer and code screen

A lot goes on within the PHP-FIG but one of the biggest problems we have is communicating with the rest of the PHP community what’s going on.

To try and improve the situation, we’re launching this PHP-FIG blog written by the Secretaries and others. It will contain:

  • Regular updates on what’s going on with the PHP-FIG
  • Technical documentation and summaries of PSRs and their usage
  • Guides on how to get more involved with the PHP-FIG
  • Posts on the various roles within the PHP-FIG and how our internal processes work
  • Case studies and guest posts from popular implementation libraries showing you how PSRs are, and can be, used out in the wild

We hope that this blog will become a valuable resource for the wider PHP community, that want to know more about PSRs, as well as people already involved in some areas but don’t know everything that goes on in the PHP-FIG.

Many thanks,
PHP-FIG Secretaries