New blog, PSR-12 approval and Upgrading PSRs

After a long hiatus, we're back with a new round of updates from the PHP-FIG.

New Blog

As you may have noticed, we're now on a different platform. We've chosen to migrate away from the previous proprietary platform and to host directly our posts inside our site, directly under our control. We will add links at the top of all our older posts to the new copies here; if anyone still stumbles upon our posts on the previous platform, they will know where to find us from now on.

PSR-12 has been approved

Since the last update, we’ve seen the approval of PSR-12, the Extended Coding Style. This PSR supersedes the old dear PSR-2, adapting it to all the new language features that we've got in the last years, and cleaning up a few inconsistencies. It was a long time coming, since the working group had some troubles along the line, but we finally published it.

You will find that many libraries have already PSR-12 compliant releases, like PHP_CodeSniffer and EasyCodingStandard, while others are following suit, like PHP-CS-Fixer.

Pushing PSR interfaces forward

In the meantime, we're discussing a difficult matter in our mailing list: how to upgrade PSRs.

This is an argument that made the round inside the PHP-FIG many times in the past, and still needs a proper solution. Stay tuned to hear more from us on this regard!