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Updates from PHP-FIG: April and May

Here we are again, with another bi-monthly update about the state of the affairs here at PHP-FIG. In the last two months, two PHP-FIG meetups where held, during the PHPDay (Verona, Italy) and PHP[tek] (Atlanta, US) conferences. PHP-FIG stickers, shared at the PHPDay front desk Vacant seat as secretary Unfortun...
June 6th 2018

Updates from PHP-FIG: February and March

Continuing in our habit of frequent posts to update the community, here we are to see what happened inside the PHP-FIG in the last two months. PSR-5: PHPDoc take two As we said in the last update, we are in the process of recovering PSR-5, the proposed standard for PHPDoc. Chuck Burgess is willing to act as the editor...
April 3rd 2018