FIG 3.0 Transition

Implementation of FIG 3.0 changes

Upon the adoption of these bylaws:

All currently sitting Secretaries will remain in their positions with no change in their term.

The recognized Voting Representatives for member projects have 30 days to state their intent to remain member projects. If they do so, the Voting Representative will be recognized as the Project Representative going forward. No new admission vote is necessary. If the Voting Representative does not make any statement for 30 days, the project will be dropped from FIG membership.

The Core Committee will be selected as though there were a 12-member vacancy according to the Vacancy rules above. The timetable of when this vote will occur will be announced by the Secretaries.

All previously-approved PSRs will remain approved with no change, and will retain their current PSR number.

The Editor of any PSR that is in Draft or Needs Review state will have a time limit from the time the Core Committee is seated to form an official Working Group, as defined in these bylaws. If a 5-member working group is formed then the PSR will automatically continue under these rules with no need for re-approval or re-entry. If the 5-member Working Group cannot be formed in that time then the PSR will automatically be listed as Abandoned. The exact timetable will be announced by the Secretaries.

This bylaw (100) may be removed by the Secretaries when it is deemed no longer necessary to be kept and the transition to the new structure is complete.