Updates from the PHP-FIG: November, December & January

This time I waited a bit longer before drafting a new update post, because a few new things where moving under the hood… Now it’s time to wrap it up!

Brace yourselves, elections are coming!

If you take a look at out personnel page, you’ll see that we have 4 Core Committee Members and a Secretary whose terms are ending this spring. This means that we will hold a new election this May, to elect for new terms.

Our recent call to action on Twitter

This is the point where we want your help! Anyone can hold those positions, the only strict requirement is the willingness to do it, and that someone nominates you. If you want to know more what those figures do, I can summarize that in a few words: the Core Committee is in charge of evaluating the drafted PSRs, so they need technical skills to thoroughly read, evaluate and vote on PSR proposals or approval; a Secretary instead is an “administrative role”, they just handle the practical stuff, keep track of votes and ensure that all the pieces of the PHP-FIG can work correctly and following the bylaws. If this explanation isn’t enough, you can read more clicking on the roles name, it will take you to our “Mission and Structure” page, at the appropriate paragraph.

So, if you’re interested, please reach out to any Secretary, to the public PHP-FIG twitter or at info@php-fig.org.

Two PRSs in review phase

The other big news this time is that we have two different PSR that went on review! Both PSR-12 (code style) and PSR-14 (event dispatcher) underwent a Working Group vote and they passed it unanimously!

A partial screenshot of the PSR index on our site A partial screenshot of the PSR index on our site

This means that the specs should be nearly ready for approval. Please read through it and, especially if you have any implementation that could be impacted by them, try to thinker with it to test it, and report back to us!